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What an honor to exalt the work of one of my favorite photographers, Everett Renard Jackson. An outstanding photographic artist whose work I truly admire and whose work is a source of inspiration for me, especially as a fellow African American photographer. I have often suggested to Everett that his work belongs on someone's album cover for a major record company. And as a lover of both music and photography, his work fits the capacity of fusing his talents, not only in a portrait studio, but in a recording studio for a famous record label. Keep up the great work that you do, my friend. You're one of L.A.'s finest.

--Alton Parker, Photographer, Chicago


Having a photographer that puts me to ease played a big role in my selection process. E. Renard Jackson did just that, and it made the shoot go exceptionally well. I look forward to working with him again.

--Catherine Greene, Chino Hills, CA


I hired E. Renard in 2013 to shoot my then five-year-old son's birthday party. Since then it's become a yearly tradition and we couldn't be more pleased.

--Stephanie Cross, Long Beach, CA


I've known Everett for nearly sixteen years. We began our photography careers around the same time and I could not be more proud of his growth and commitment to his craft. Did I forget to mention that his work is first rate?

--Aaron McRory, Photographer, Los Angeles, CA


Passion is something you just can't fake. And every time I've worked with E. Renard Jackson it's on full display. And it shows in the final results.

--Natalie Cox, Los Angeles, CA


My sister-in-law referred me to Mr. Jackson. I didn't know much about him except what she shared with me. I was a little nervous about hiring him to shoot my parent's 50th Anniversary party. But it turned out to be the right call. Thanks sis.

--Mitch Atkinson, Van Nuys, CA