Zenfolio | The Gallery by E. Renard | Headshot Tips


The headshot is one of the most important tools a creative person can have in his or her arsenal. In fact, the proper headshot can make all the difference in getting the job or getting passed up. To help you along the way I've put together five tips to having that perfect headshot.

  1. Avoid harsh colors. Instead, use more earth tones or colors that compliment your eyes, your complexion. Also, avoid stripes, plaids or any busy patterns.

  2. Choose a neutral backdrop. Remember, the focus should ALWAYS be on the model and NOT what's going on behind you.

  3. There are exceptions, but for the most part, the model and the camera should be at the same level.

  4. It's important to the agent that the person they see on the headshot is the SAME person they meet in real life. You cannot look drastically different from your headshot. So, if you're a redhead in your headshot, don't be a blonde when your agent calls you in for an interview.

  5. Lighting, lighting, lighting. The lack of proper lighting or lighting that's too harsh, can be the kiss of death. Understand lighting, especially natural light, and avoid unsightly shadows on the face. Take a few test shots and then make the necessary adjustments, using a reflector if necessary.